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Exterior Screens for Porches & Patios on Long Island

Experience the best of the outdoors with Phantom's thoughtfully designed exterior screens for porches and patios. No matter the layout, our solutions enhance spaces without compromising on style.

Get tailor-made exterior screens for your porch or patio

You can now easily enjoy your outside living space without the annoyance of bugs or the harsh glare of the sun. Seamlessly retractable, manual, and electric, our exterior screens for patios and porches on Long Island offer a perfect solution for making these spaces as comfortable as possible.  Their elegant setup allows them to completely disappear when not in use, and with electric screens for porches, all it takes is a click of a button. Each of our exterior screens for porches is crafted with durability in mind, installed by certified and professionally trained experts, and backed by a robust warranty, promising a solution that will serve you for years to come.

Discover our streamlined process

Our team is here to discuss your needs and preferences, and turn them into practical exterior screens for porches and patios. After settling on the design that best complements your requirements, we’ll bring your idea to life with superior craftsmanship and complete the service with a seamless installation process. 

Our sizing options

Our solutions are made to fit just right, no matter the size of your outdoor area. They can cover openings up to 40 feet wide and 16 feet tall. That means that we can tailor an exterior screen that fits perfectly, whether you have a cozy porch or a large patio on Long Island. No matter the dimensions, our screens are designed to look good and work smoothly.

Harness the benefits of our exterior screens for patios & porches 

Some of the advantages you’ll get with our products are:
  • Insect protection: Our screens are designed with various mesh types to shield you from insects. And, because they’re so light, they offer great visibility and allow for air circulation while still reducing UV exposure.
  • Solar protection: Feel the comfort of our solar exterior screens for porches, designed to minimize the sun's glare and heat. They offer effective UV protection and still maintain airflow, helping you make your outdoor space cooler and more pleasant.
  • Climate control: Our solutions help maintain a comfortable temperature in your outdoor living area no matter the season. Keep the warmth in during cooler months or secure a cooler environment during hot days.
  • Improved privacy: Your outdoor living space can be private too, with our finely woven mesh solutions. These exterior screens for porches will protect you against prying eyes and the sun’s rays and come in a variety of colors and materials.Modern solutions for modern homes.

Customize your outdoor oasis with our color & mesh choices

You can personalize your experience with our diverse color palette that features an array of designer colors and wood grain finishes. And, with mesh options to suit every specific need, from insect protection and enhanced privacy to optimal daylight and solar heat control, you can choose an exterior screen for your porch or patio that works best for you. Each option is designed to seamlessly integrate with your outdoor space for a perfect blend of functionality and style.

Get cutting-edge upgrades with our screens for patios & porches

We engineer all our solutions to fit each specific space, and we’ll make sure your manual or electric screen is a flawless addition to your porch. To ensure convenience and fit, our designs have high-tech features. One such example is our self-tensioning cable system, which eliminates the need for tracks.

What is the point of a screened-in porch?

One of the ways to create a versatile space where you can enjoy the outdoors without the usual inconveniences such as debris, bugs, or sun glare, is to invest in exterior screens for your porch on Long Island. It’s a great way to add a living area, dining space, or a tranquil spot for relaxation to your house. There are many customization options available today, from vinyl walls to retractable mesh solutions, to give you a perfect indoor-outdoor blend tailored to your needs.

Are retractable screens worth it?

Yes, retractable exterior screens for patios offer great value, as they seamlessly combine the beauty of the outdoors with the comfort of the indoors. These solutions are elegant and flexible. They allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space whenever you want to, with their protection against sun and annoying bugs and the flexibility to be moved out of the way when you need them to.

Do retractable screens keep bugs out?

Yes, one of the primary functions of exterior screens for porches and patios on Long Island is to keep bugs out, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without unwanted pests. Because of the sophisticated track system, they provide a tight seal when in use to ensure insects can’t enter the space. Since they’re retractable, you can still have an unobstructed view when you choose, and excellent protection when needed.

How long do patio screens last?

While the lifespan can vary, high-quality manual and electric screens for porches can last for many years and are often reliable even after more than a decade. The exact life expectancy, however, depends on factors such as materials, maintenance, and the environment. Still, with proper care, you can expect your screens to serve you well over time.

Who offers durable exterior screens for patios & porches near me on Long Island, NY?

Count on Glamour Decorating for an innovative solution in the form of exterior screens for patios and porches that can transform your outdoor living area into a year-round oasis of comfort. Effortlessly blend the outdoors with the indoors with our electric screens for porches, whether you’re in Glen Cove, Oyster Bay, Hempstead, Long Beach, North Hempstead, or another Nassau County locale, Smithtown, Brookhaven, Babylon, Islip, Huntington, Southampton, Riverhead, East Hampton or elsewhere in Suffolk County and throughout Long Island. All our manual and electric screens for porches are planned and set up by certified experts to promise a convenient solution that will last. But our services extend beyond setting up retractable porch screens and installing high-quality motorized patio screens. If you need accessible electric screens for your doors or flexible motorized screens for your windows, we’re equipped and ready too. Contact us now to find out how our offer can transform your living environment!