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Smart Motorized Window Screens on Long Island

Our motorized window screens are always there when you need them, and gone when you don't. Just press a button, and the screens tuck away out of sight, keeping your windows looking neat.

Easy-to-use motorized window screens

Allow the air to circulate in your home without inviting insects or the sun’s glare inside. Our electric window screens keep your home on Long Island safe from bugs and offer shade, but they enhance privacy and help with temperature control too. They easily retract out of sight, all with a push of a button, blending into your home when you don’t need them.  They're perfect for any window size, match any home style, and make your life a little easier and a lot more comfortable. Rely on our certified experts for the installation of motorized window screens in Nassau County locales like Glen Cove, Long Beach, Hempstead, North Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Suffolk County areas like Babylon, Islip, Huntington, Smithtown, Brookhaven, Southampton, Riverhead, East Hampton as well as other locations on Long Island. Our solutions bring convenience and comfort you’ll benefit from for a long time. 

Rely on our seamless process

Enjoy the simplicity of electric window screens that move at your command. No more tugging or pulling, you can now adjust your screens with just a simple button press. It’s a stylish shield against the bright sun, but they also protect your home against insects, help you cool down your space, and offer a layer of privacy. These solutions are designed to endure and offer peace of mind for a long time.

Tailor-fit to size

Our motorized window screens on Long Island can be customized to fit any window perfectly, no matter the size. From average to large picture windows and even larger openings, our solutions can be tailored to your specific needs. They are ideal for residential as well as commercial spaces, and provide a modern look with many practical benefits.

Explore the perks of our electric window screens on Long Island

Our systems have multiple benefits, such as:
  • Remote control: Easily adjust your electric window screens with a remote. Instantly change the lighting levels and privacy without leaving your seat.
  • Sun protection: Our solutions provide excellent defense against the sun's rays. They reduce glare and heat and also protect your interiors from UV damage.
  • Climate control: Our top-quality window screens help you regulate indoor temperatures naturally. Keep your environment pleasantly cool and enhance your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Enhanced privacy: Tailor your level of privacy with motorized window screens that allow you to choose when and how much to shield your home from the outside world.

Personalize your choice with color & mesh options

Make your electric window screens a reflection of your style with our wide range of color options, including chic designer shades and natural-looking wood grain finishes. And it’s not just about the looks, as our mesh options cater to diverse needs too. If you’re looking for enhanced insect protection, added privacy, or daylight control, our tailored solutions cater to those too. See all options for motorized window screens on Long Island that offer a perfectly balanced mix of beauty and function.

Expertly designed motorized window screens

Our solutions are never one-size-fits-all, as we take a thoughtful approach and tailor them to your space. We rely on technical drawings and many other resources to carefully plan and execute the installation of each motorized window screen on Long Island. And if you’d like to know more about our method, specifications, or previous cases, contact us.

How much do motorized retractable screens cost?

The cost of electric window screens can vary widely depending on many factors, including size, type, features, and installation requirements. Since they offer so many customization options, it's best to get a personalized estimate for your specific needs. If you're interested in adding motorized window screens to your home on Long Island, reach out to a provider and ask for a detailed quote to understand the potential investment better.

Do window screens keep the house cooler?

Yes, one of the key benefits of window screens is their ability to keep your house cooler. They can block or moderate sunlight, which is how they naturally prevent excessive heat from entering your home. It’s an efficient way to keep your indoor environment more comfortable. Additionally, it’s a way to reduce energy consumption in your home and improve its energy efficiency.

How much heat do window screens block?

The extent to which window screens prevent heat gain can vary based on factors like the sun's angle, the season, your home's specific setup, and of course, your chosen solution’s material and design. Luckily, they offer many customization options to meet diverse needs and requirements. If heat control is your priority, it’s best to consult with professionals for motorized window screens on Long Island that can provide you with tailored options.

How long do motorized screens last?

High-quality motorized window screens are always designed to provide lasting comfort and functionality. You can expect them to last for many years, but the exact lifespan can vary based on how and how much they’re used, maintenance, and environmental factors. When you invest in a premium option, you get both immediate comfort and enduring value and performance over time.

Who installs motorized window screens near me on Long Island, NY?

Transform your living experience with electric window screens skillfully tailored and installed by our team. With an array of customization options to fit every requirement and preference, we craft and set up motorized window screens in Nassau County, including in Long Beach, Glen Cove, Hempstead, Oyster Bay, and North Hempstead, in Suffolk County, covering Huntington, Riverhead, Babylon, Islip, Brookhaven, Smithtown, Southampton, and East Hampton, and in many other locales across Long Island Additionally, our range of solutions covers more than just motorized window screens. If you’re in need of convenient retractable window screens, modern electric screens for your doors, or a seamless solution for your patio screens, we’ve got you covered. To learn more and set up a consultation, get in touch with us today.